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Borak-Borak Floorball (BBF) was initiated by a group of three avid floorballers from Penang, Malaysia. The interest sparked off due to a certain passion for the sport and a keen desire to share that passion to others. With that, came the idea of 'borak-borak'.

What does the term "Borak-Borak" actually mean?

"Borak-borak" is a Malaysian lingo that equates to the English word "chit-chat". The phrase is commonly used and has somewhat the power to identify one's identity as a Malaysian. BBF is passionate to 'chit-chat' about the happenings and events of floorball, first in Penang and then the other parts of Malaysia. With that in mind, Borak-Borak Floorball came into existence.

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BBF comprises mainly of three suspects under the pseudonyms of Jose, Bendy and Spritzer. However, BBF has also taken in hired-for-free reporters in their effort to cover as many grounds as possible.

NOTE: BBF is not an official website to any organization or governing body. We are merely a group of passionate floorballers who seek to share this passion to others. We strive to be courteous, neutral and honest in our opinions, thoughts, reviews and analyses.

Our vision?

BBF sought to 'talk big' and 'talk much' about floorball. We hope to represent the floorball community in Penang as well as the nation, Malaysia, in the bigger picture. We want to be a voice for floorball in the present and future generation, a voice to be heard not for recognition but for the ultimate growth and development of floorball in Malaysia.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friendly Match: Penang Women taking on the Inne-credibles!

Penang Women State Team vs. Innebandy! Co.
24th August 2009, Monday
1-5 (0-2, 1-0, 0-3)

1st period

2nd period
Sarah Ng (Sheryn)

3rd period
Ephraim (Joshua)

The PFL fever is still on a high it seems.

The Penang women's state team took on PFL third place position Innebandy! Co. for a friendly on Monday night as they continue to strive towards forming a solid Penang women's team, or Malaysian women's team for that matter.

It was a pretty low profile friendly match that drew minimal crowd into the Balik Pulau stadium. Nonetheless, an exciting match awaits us.

An empty stadium as Innebandy goes through pep talk.

The first period saw the women picking up a fast pace, full press strategy. It almost caught the Innebandiens off guard a couple of times. Innebandy on the other hand, played it rather cool and steady. The women's first line was solid in defence and it proved to be so as Innebandy found it hard to penetrate through and what more with Sharron standing in as keeper, it will be a long night for them. The forwards' played well for the first 10 minutes or so with good fore checking, keeping Innebandy's defenders at bay. Unfortunately for the women, they started off really well but somehow could not keep up with that initial burst of fire. The first period gradually stood one sided as Innebandy took numerous shots at goal, in total 17. Jason scored the first goal followed on by Joshua.

The Penang Women State team.

The second half did not show much sign of recovery from the women. Speed has always been one of the major weaknesses for the women's team and it was evident. Innebandy's quick counter attack from defence to forward penetrated their defence more than once. It was also obvious that movement was another major problem for the women's team. Movement isn't something easy to pick up for any team and so it was with the women's team. The forwards were caught standing still many times while the ball is on the go. Nonetheless, it's through matches like these that one learn from mistakes. The second period ended with surprisingly, no goals conceded by the women's team. Instead, they scored one against Innebandy! Thanks to the Ng sisters' combination - Sarah and Sheryn.

The third period saw the women's team coming in with a different spirit. The women stepped on court with a renewed vigour as they press up high with very good fore checking. At the other end, we saw a change in goalkeeper as Sharron stepped out and Suleen stepped in. Suleen displayed numerous spectacular saves that could have put the Innebandy forwards to shame. Small as is, she proved to be a solid goalkeeper with her reflexes. However, again the women repeated their 1st period mistake, which was to drop their spirit. This gave several openings for Innebandy to launch their attack and they made it count. Ephraim, Nicholas and Joshua all scored in the final period, giving Innebandy a comfortable 5-1 win.

The women's team pressing up high in the third period.

Both teams thanking the referees.

Man of the match:
For the women's team, Penny stood out with her outstanding defensive instinct. She was as solid as any men out there with her body check and cool control. She also made several laudable attacks, taking chances with her shots. She proved worthy of wearing the captain's armband as she leads this team to greater heights!

As for Innebandy, it was a simple pick. Joshua stood out. This guy chase for every ball like a bull. Hard runner, persistent and take chances at goal. Scoring two goals and assisting one, he definitely caught our eyes. Another "rising star", maybe?

On behalf of BBF, we would like to further encourage the Penang Women State team to continue their effort in improving themselves, the team and the floorball scene amongst women. You have the whole Penang floorballers behind you! Keep it up! :)

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  1. I'm a Penang Floorballer. And I'm supporting all of you too..! From the US that is. Keep it up Penang Women State Team..