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What is Borak-Borak Floorball?

Borak-Borak Floorball (BBF) was initiated by a group of three avid floorballers from Penang, Malaysia. The interest sparked off due to a certain passion for the sport and a keen desire to share that passion to others. With that, came the idea of 'borak-borak'.

What does the term "Borak-Borak" actually mean?

"Borak-borak" is a Malaysian lingo that equates to the English word "chit-chat". The phrase is commonly used and has somewhat the power to identify one's identity as a Malaysian. BBF is passionate to 'chit-chat' about the happenings and events of floorball, first in Penang and then the other parts of Malaysia. With that in mind, Borak-Borak Floorball came into existence.

Who are we?

BBF comprises mainly of three suspects under the pseudonyms of Jose, Bendy and Spritzer. However, BBF has also taken in hired-for-free reporters in their effort to cover as many grounds as possible.

NOTE: BBF is not an official website to any organization or governing body. We are merely a group of passionate floorballers who seek to share this passion to others. We strive to be courteous, neutral and honest in our opinions, thoughts, reviews and analyses.

Our vision?

BBF sought to 'talk big' and 'talk much' about floorball. We hope to represent the floorball community in Penang as well as the nation, Malaysia, in the bigger picture. We want to be a voice for floorball in the present and future generation, a voice to be heard not for recognition but for the ultimate growth and development of floorball in Malaysia.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

APAC 2009: Who's In The Fight!!!

Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore have registered for the Men´s APAC 2009 and Japan, Korea and Singapore for the Women´s APAC tournament.

The 6th Asia and Pacific Floorball Championships 2009 (APAC) will be played in Pyeong Taek, Korea, from the 25th to 29th of March 2009 and there will be live update from all the matches on the IFF APAC 2009 web page. And maybe, just maybe, here and Borak Borak Floorball.

This is the first time ever that six different nations are participating in the Asia Pacific Floorball Championships.

The Women´s tournament is also now played again after a break of four years. The schedule for APAC 2009 will be found soon from the IFF APAC 2009 webpage.

*Information dereived from International Floorball Federation Website.


So, for now, 6 Men's teams and 3 Women's teams:
Malaysia, and

Korea, and

Who is in team Malaysia?


More info and updates soon to come. Stay tuned.

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