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What is Borak-Borak Floorball?

Borak-Borak Floorball (BBF) was initiated by a group of three avid floorballers from Penang, Malaysia. The interest sparked off due to a certain passion for the sport and a keen desire to share that passion to others. With that, came the idea of 'borak-borak'.

What does the term "Borak-Borak" actually mean?

"Borak-borak" is a Malaysian lingo that equates to the English word "chit-chat". The phrase is commonly used and has somewhat the power to identify one's identity as a Malaysian. BBF is passionate to 'chit-chat' about the happenings and events of floorball, first in Penang and then the other parts of Malaysia. With that in mind, Borak-Borak Floorball came into existence.

Who are we?

BBF comprises mainly of three suspects under the pseudonyms of Jose, Bendy and Spritzer. However, BBF has also taken in hired-for-free reporters in their effort to cover as many grounds as possible.

NOTE: BBF is not an official website to any organization or governing body. We are merely a group of passionate floorballers who seek to share this passion to others. We strive to be courteous, neutral and honest in our opinions, thoughts, reviews and analyses.

Our vision?

BBF sought to 'talk big' and 'talk much' about floorball. We hope to represent the floorball community in Penang as well as the nation, Malaysia, in the bigger picture. We want to be a voice for floorball in the present and future generation, a voice to be heard not for recognition but for the ultimate growth and development of floorball in Malaysia.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Player Rating: Firebrands vs Ztec Phoenix

5 = world class
4 = superb
3 = good
2 = ok ok
1 = bad

Bryan Koh 2
Again was the man to stop the goals. Not his best performance, had many good saves but could have at least prevented one. No complains, 6 against title contenders is decent.

Alex Low 2
Defended well and a whole lot calmer than in his previous game, coming clean without any bench penalties. Although still quite sloppy with the centre passes.

Andrew Chan 3
Firebrands wall with motor engine. Good defending, enough pressure and many good blocks. ble to wriggle himself out of tight situations, when cornered by two players, then was composed enough to pass up well.

Ong Zi Hoong 2
Remarkable play compared to his previous ones. Had possessions of the ball as forward and took 4 shots, though none were converted to goals.

Daniel Tan 4
Ever willing to run all over for the ball, but this occasionally backfired as he failed to backtrack. Still, took hold of Phoenix's sluggish play and defensive errors to score 2 goals for his own team. He will be a good player if trains well!

James Tan 2
Played more as a defender rather than a centre as he hardly ventured out of his own half. Good defending and blocking but failed to dictate the centre. Was rather wasteful with passes too.

Chan Per Yue 3
For a tiny boy, he can definitely run. Helped the team scored a goal! Given the encouragement and enough exposure, he will definitely become a better player as the time goes by.

Tong Jia Wey 2

Tong Jia Xin 2

Jesher Lim (Did not play enough to be rate)

Ztec Phoenix:
Yung Ming 2
Could not save the team from conceding 2 goals that just rolled smoothly into the back of the net. His boldness has cost him some goals as he came charging out too often. Needs more games to fine tune the anticipation. He had better days.

Cherng Hang 2
Sloppy passes to the centre, gifting opponents scoring chances. A continuation from the last match, which was evident with his unsure defending. Showed good forward instinct however as more than once, he dribbled the ball up and took the shot from half court.

Jack Lee 3
Stood up when others were fading. One of their best defender for the match. Very calm and collected when handling the ball and pressure from opponent. Keep it up!

Teik Hong 2

Adrian Koay 3
The Captain was ever calm and composed. The resilient centre although lacks in flair, compliments with his vision and work rate. Continue to improve as weeks passes. Decent game.

Samuel Ong 2

Calvindav 2
One of his better game but still too much solo effort; rarely was he seen passing the ball to his teammates. The only credit is that he helped the team scored a few goals. More passes maybe?

Wei Jin 2
Lacking in overall floorball sense and experience. A bit nervous. More matches will do him go.

Kelvin Tan 2

Danial 2
One of his not so better plays. Missed many passes by team mates, credit for getting himself into good positions for a shot.

p/s: Borak Borak Floorball is proud to present you: Flicka, Kazoo and Carrard. Thanks for backing us up!

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