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Borak-Borak Floorball (BBF) was initiated by a group of three avid floorballers from Penang, Malaysia. The interest sparked off due to a certain passion for the sport and a keen desire to share that passion to others. With that, came the idea of 'borak-borak'.

What does the term "Borak-Borak" actually mean?

"Borak-borak" is a Malaysian lingo that equates to the English word "chit-chat". The phrase is commonly used and has somewhat the power to identify one's identity as a Malaysian. BBF is passionate to 'chit-chat' about the happenings and events of floorball, first in Penang and then the other parts of Malaysia. With that in mind, Borak-Borak Floorball came into existence.

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BBF comprises mainly of three suspects under the pseudonyms of Jose, Bendy and Spritzer. However, BBF has also taken in hired-for-free reporters in their effort to cover as many grounds as possible.

NOTE: BBF is not an official website to any organization or governing body. We are merely a group of passionate floorballers who seek to share this passion to others. We strive to be courteous, neutral and honest in our opinions, thoughts, reviews and analyses.

Our vision?

BBF sought to 'talk big' and 'talk much' about floorball. We hope to represent the floorball community in Penang as well as the nation, Malaysia, in the bigger picture. We want to be a voice for floorball in the present and future generation, a voice to be heard not for recognition but for the ultimate growth and development of floorball in Malaysia.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Match Preview: The Big Boys Game

Ztec Phoenix vs Dalat Falcons

Date: 14th Feb 2009 (Saturday)
Face-off Time: 11.00am
Venue: Dalat International School

The Big Boys game.
Both teams consist mainly by men (though Falcons have a few female players) and with a win a piece, it will be a warzone out there.

Phoenix proved that their fully testosterone driven team is one that is dangerous. Claiming their first win against fellow club mates -- Griffins -- in their opening match, they will be thirsting for another cup of victory this time. And now, it won't be as easy.

Based on previous match record, Phoenix started off poorly, almost lacklustre. However, their performace progresses along the way, which is a good thing. They learn to catch the flow of the game and the rhythm once they feel comfortable with the gameplay and this is when they are most formidable.

The Falcons, also grabbing a comfortable win against 300 in their opening match, will be aiming to bring down Phoenix. Having a good start in the league, confidence is still floating in the air for them. An overall agressive team, both in defense and offense, it will be a tough fight. Considered as the best in the league, there must surely be an achilles heel somewhere. Their defensive line will probably be their biggest problem. Phoenix must capitalize on this if they want to come out top.

Both teams are known for their physical play and it will be interesting to see how they match up against each other. Falcons probably have slightly more "bigger" size players as compared to Phoenix. Dalat's gameplay should probably be a little more organized, they should be able to tame the Phoenix. Having said that, Phoenix has been regarded as the up and rising team in the league. With nothing to lose on their end, they will definitely make sure the Falcons are on their toes.

The Big Boys game..... er... and a few ladies....

Key Player:
Ztec Phoenix:
Yung Ming with his experience is expected to keep his team in the game. This is one big game for a goalie and with the Falcons having some quick and tricky forwards, he will have to be alert at all times throughout the match. Definately has the confidence to play in big games like this as he as lots of experience playing in big games of various sports.

Dalat Falcons:
Drew Steiert, the point leader from last years Division 2 will be the key player to watch out for in this match. He was anonymous in the first outing between Frontliners 300, however our pundits hope to see Drew pressuring high and closing down the spaces. And we a shaky Dalat defence, Drew and his attacking teamates better be on tip top form to score as many goals possible to overcome Ztec Phoenix. This is because we are predicting Dalat Falcons to be leaking in plenty of goals in this game.

I hope Phoenix is all warmed up and raring to go after strugglinh to over come their club mates last week, because this time, it's the mightly Falcons in the way.

A 5 goal winning margin against 300 was an under par performance in my books for the Falcons, with their array of talents up front, they should be up by double figures. They too, like their opponents, are still adjusting their barrels and alignments.

Falcons's back line might be their biggest draw back, with an inexperience goalie, Falcons might find a win hard to come by if they down nick in some as well.

The most anticipated game in my calender as both are genuine medal contenders. Expecting goals from both side, but still a win to Falcons. A small margin perhaps. Phoenix might be up for an upset if they manage to fine tune their finishing first.

Definately the biggest game in Division 2 this season. I am really looking forward to this showdown between 2 of the better teams in Division 2. It should be a tight match as both teams have their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Both Ztec Phoenix and Dalat Falcons better improve their finishing in the final third, if they are going to win this match. I forsee a quick game between both these sides with lots of counter attacks as both teams have fast players. These 2 teams have performed below their level in their first match of the season and it would be high time for both these 'sleeping giants' to wake up and start playing some proper floorball.

My prediction will be for Ztec Phoenix to win this game by more than 2 goals. I think both sides are pretty equal in strength in all departments except for the goalies. Yung Ming will be expected to keep his side in the game and hopefully their forwards can deliver the goals for the team. And with Falcons having a less experienced goalie in goal, hopefully the forwards from Ztec will take this opportunity to take more shots at goal (Just like what Frontliners 300 did).

After watching all the teams play, I think that Ztec Phoenix should be firm favourites to emerge champions for Division 2 this season.

You put two title contenders into the ring and you'll get a whole lot of action. Expect to see a high-intensity game with roaring testosterones.
For Dalat, they will be setting their eyes to maintain their spot at the top while Phoenix's mission will be to bring the Eagle down.
I think the decisive element of the game will be the keepers.
With both teams having pretty solid field players, physically especially, it will be up to the keeper's to decide the game.
And by saying that, I'll go with Phoenix for the win.
With Yung Ming in goal, it will be a tough wall to penetrate for the Falcons.

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